Why does binge drinking or drinking too much sucks?

We all love to drink, whether it is at a bar, a club or a social gathering. But as responsible adults we can not neglect the consequences associated with the consumption of alcohol.

People die every day in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This amounts to one death every 51 minutes. (CDC)
People are arrested everyday and lose their driving privileges for Driving Under Influence-DUI. (MADD)
persons die each year from alcohol-related causes: drinking and driving crashes, other accidents, falls, fires, alcohol-related homicides and suicides. (NCAAD)
Adults in the US had an Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) in 2013. (NIAAA)

Even if we are not one of them, we have been a victim to one or more of it’s symptoms:


Symptoms: headache, malaise, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, the shakes. You might also be dehydrated and feel generally slow—a little stupider, a little less coordinated.

Lost Memories

Ever wake up and not remember what happened the night before? Drinking too much alcohol actually shuts down a part of the brain called the hippocampus, which is responsible for creating long-term memories.

Bad Grades

Harvard School of Public Health found that 1 in 4 College Students “admit” academic consequences from drinking too much, including missing class, falling behind in class, doing poorly on exams or papers, and receiving lower grades overall.


Addiction is the 3rd leading cause of death in America, and is 100% preventable.  Alcohol addiction effects over 17 million people in the United States. Addiction destroys relationships, families, and individual lives.

Hurts Your Game

Alcohol negatively disrupts your body’s ability to absorb protein, impacting protein synthesis that helps you build muscle, impairs sleep, lowers testosterone, is a diuretic that promotes the production of urine and dehydration,causes vitamins A, C, the B’s, calcium, zinc and phosphorus to all be drained at rapid rates, and makes you FAT.

Sexual Abuse

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, over 50% of reported sexual assaults and 72% of reported rape involved the use of alcohol. The facts are clear, drinking in moderation reduces your risk of sexual assault and rape. Staying in control and not being impaired by alcohol will keep you safer and allow you to also help protect your friends from these horrific tragedies.


University of Missouri researchers found that alcohol dulls the brain signal that warns people when they are making a mistake, ultimately reducing self-control.  This often resembles a sense of false courage, which can lead people to do things that are not only dumb, but very dangerous.  From hooking up with that weird guy/girl at the bar, to getting into a car while intoxicated. The regrets you face is enormous when you drink way beyond your limits.

What is a Sober in 5?

Sober In 5 is a unique supplement beverage, in fact the first of its kind, designed with a blend of modern science combined with traditional herbal medicine to help reduce as well as eliminate the negative symptoms of alcohol.

The primary ingredient of it’s patented formula contains:

Ginger Root Extract

Helps boost the circulation of blood, lowers high blood pressure.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

Is a natural extract of the Oriental Raisin Tree (Hovenia Dulcis). DHM has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a hangover cure and intoxication blocker.

Sober in 5 Bottle


To keep the body hydrated.


To hydrate and rehydrate the body.

Milk Thistle

A flowering herb native to Mediterranean Countries. Studies have shown that it improves liver function with it’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may help the liver repair itself by growing new cells.

What did people experience from the use of Sober In 5?

  • This was a great product and performs exactly as advertised. Drinks on me!

  • I tried it before drinking once and it was like I was drinking non-alcoholic beer, I wasn't even phased. I take it at the end of a long night of partying on a weeknight and am up for work at 7 and even feel more tired than hungover at all. It also does well to take mid-drinking in order to keep from getting out of line. I've never experienced such a strange effect like this has over alcohol, you should have some on the shelf behind every bar!

  • This stuff really works. Either before you imbibe, or after. If you have had too much to drink, it will stop the spins, and staggers, and you don't get a hangover the next morning. It will knock out an existing hangover as well. I have problems with some of my younger workers showing up in the morning having partied all night, and they are almost useless. A dose of this and they are back in shape to work.

  • Sober in 5 is my go-to-guy, I’m a daytime drinker, and it always saves my ass before I head to work at night!

    Mike R.
  • Sober in 5 has got me out of what could’ve been some serious mess, one night, under the pressure of my peers I got so drunk, knowing I had a test the next morning. I didn’t want to miss out any fun so I decided to drink with them, and remember my friend telling me about the product. When I woke the next morning I was still drunk so I drank two of the Sober in 5 bottles my friend left and to my surprise I was able to coherently take my exam that morning. Shout out to Sober in 5!!

    Kevin P.
  • Rock with Sober in 5 for those ‘morning after’ situations.

    Najee L.
  • A lady with class never over does it, thanks to Sober in 5!

    Stephanie G.
  • My clique loves to turn up, but we don’t go anywhere without a pack of Sober in 5 to accompany us!

    Rayn W.
  • Sober in 5 is a college student’s best friend!

    Taiyee A.
  • I’ve been with Sober in 5 from the start. Seeing the development and growth of the product and company, gives me much reason to support the product. It’s an innovation to the business of alcohol and health!

    Kasi McKoy-BalmerStudio15
  • I can gladly say that I was the one of the first to try this product. Of course, I had some doubt about it working being that it’s a new product, but surprisingly, it proved me wrong. I love it, great idea; I’d recommend it to anyone!

    Rashawn B.Studio15
  • I go to the bar on a daily basis during my lunch break. Sober in 5 saves me the detriment of my boss’s constant accusations of me taking “liquid lunches".

    Leesa W.
  • I saw your advertisement, so I decided to try it and it really worked! It’s very resourceful for a college student as myself, with classes and work, there’s no time to be dragging through the day with a hangover.

    Jamey M.
  • I go out to drink almost every night, and I often take Sober in 5 the next morning to put an end to the dreadful morning after routine. It really works!
    Francielly A.
  • Found the website on Facebook and ordered a six pack. I weren’t to my Cast party and spent the night drinking. Drank one of these before I left and it worked great… Felt like I hadn’t had even one drink. Very happy with this product and when I run out I will defiantly buy more.

  • Saw the billboard on the NJ turnpike and had to give it a try great product it really works it sobered me up after having several drinks.

    Fernanda Cruz
    Fernanda Cruz
  • I tried Sober In 5 after seeing it in a couple of advertisements. I was not expecting too much but I was amazed when it actually worked. Either before you drink it or after. If you had too much to drink it will stop the spinning and prevents the hangover the next morning.

    RazakWorked better then I expected.

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